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Books to Read/Films to View:

King Corn
Start here. A world of understanding about the role of corn and commodity crops in your food chain, US agriculture policy in general. Often available to rent at Blockbuster etc.

Michael Pollan:
READ: The Omnivore's Dilemma &
In Defense of Food
& Open Letter to the Next President &
Why we should bother (this is a good one)

Jeffrey Smith:
READ: Genetic Roulette & Seeds of Deception - GMO seeds are not a good thing.

Lester Brown:
Plan B 3.0 - Essential read. You can even download for free.

Richard Heinberg:
Peak Everything - Waking up to the century of declines

Additional Local Food Sources

There are several opportunities in Omaha to access locally sourced foods. Always ask the vendor or farmer for specifics on origin and production of their food. Listing here is not an endorsement but provided for informational purposes only.

Village Pointe Omaha Farmers Market: 168th & West Dodge Road, Village Pointe. Area's largest all-farmer market. Saturdays, 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. through October.

LocalHarvest.org A valuable resource website with listings of local food sources, including CSAs.

TomatoTomato: Indoor all-season store for mostly local items including some local farmer products. Located at 156 & Center and open Mon-Sat.

Downtown Farmers Market: 11th and Jackson. Saturday mornings, May to October.

Benson Farmers Market: 63rd & Maple. Saturdays June to October.

Florence Mill Farmers Market: I-680 & N. 30th St. Sunday afternoons.

Bellevue Farmers Market: Bellevue Town Square. Saturdays.

Aksarben Farmers Market: 67th & Center. Sundays.


Essential Websites

Calculate your meal's carbon footprint

Nebraska Sustainable Agriculture Society
Since 1974, your local help for sustainable farming.

Weston A. Price Foundation - Learn more about real food.

Pawnee Pride: Local source of pastured chicken, beef, pork, buffalo and turkey.

Local Harvest: Where to source local foods

Sustainable Table: Excellent source to learn about real food.

Organic Consumers: Rife with info on organic and healthful food.

polyfacefarms.com Joel Salatin's grass-based farm in Virginia

Other links

Pew Report
The report says:Industrial scale farm animal production poses "unacceptable" risks to public health, environment

Livestock's Long Shadow
UN report on the impact of industrial meat production on the environment. Contributes more greenhouse gases (18%) than the entire transportation sector.

Truth about E. coli: Cornell University and USDA prove that grain fed = E. coli; grass fed does not.

Who says processed meat should be avoided entirely?
Processed meats in public school system - See how Omaha ranked then &
Some good news, PCRM report calls Omaha school meals "most improved" for 2008

The United Nations' World Cancer Research Fund report






NebraskaFood.org Ready to purchase local food during the winter months? It's easy. Just click here.

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