Village Pointe Farmers Market 2008 in Omaha



The 2008 VPFM runs from May to October in the same location, Village Pointe Shopping Center.
For information, call 402-639-2760

Village Pointe Farmers Market is a true West Omaha Farmers Market located at 168th and Dodge, established to meet two simple and important ideals:

1. To elevate community awareness of the importance of sustainable, local, family-owned farms
and the wholesome food that comes from them and its importance to our health.

2. And to provide that wholesome food to the community at a location in West Omaha.


General Location at Village Pointe ( using the same location as 2007):

Map of numbered stalls.

Become a vendor:

• Location: West Omaha deserves a farmers market and showed in 2006 that it will support one.
• Low cost: 100% of the vendor fee (around $220 for the season) goes directly to promote the market.
• Purpose: The VPFM is for farmers and consumers. It's not a marketing event to promote a business.
• Each Saturday, 35,000 automobiles enter Village Pointe through the road the Market is on.
• Village Pointe Shopping Center and the VPFM sponsors have committed ample support to promote the Market.
PLUS - we have fun! These are just some of the reasons.

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