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Village Pointe Farmers Market is the place to shop for local, farm-fresh vegetables, fruit, meats, poultry, farm fresh eggs, local honey, berries, flowers, herbs and plants. All of our farmers are local and will happily tell you everything you want to know about the food they provide for you. You can get information about raw milk and where to find it.
Below are but a few of the vendors you can expect to see at Omaha's Village Pointe Farmers Market
*Note: ALL the items sold by vendors at Village Pointe Farmers Market are locally sourced from within the state of Nebraska or within 150 miles of our market.

***** For a PDF list of vendors for 2019 provided by Village Pointe Shopping Center management, click here.
Note: Subject to change without notice.
Abie Vegetable People | Mark Roh These dedicated young farmers bring organically grown produce featuring gourmet lettuce blends, garden vegetables, mushrooms, and plant starts. Abie, Neb.

Apple Ridge Acres | Jerry Beckmann Apples. Lincoln, NE

Ataraxia – The Garden | Dan Gerdes Swiss chard, fruits and vegetables, greens, potatoes, pumpkin, popcorn, rhubarb, turnips, live herbs. Auburn, Neb.

Bar None Produce | Will Lundgren & Linda Kunasek Pasture raised eggs, chemical-free produce, herbs and plants, garlic, jellies. Waterloo, NE

C&Czzz Bzzz | Joe Frei Local, all-natural honey, bee pollen, raw honey, honey butters, honey mustards, infused honey. Demo beehive, too! Columbus, Neb.

D & D Beef (NEW!) | Michaela Mann Roasts, steaks, jerky, ground beef, and more! Herman, Neb.

Daniels Produce, LLC | Jason Daniels Farm-fresh vegetables, greens, canned goods (salsa and pickled peppers), melons, honey. Columbus, Neb.

Dee Sign Landscaping | Anna Johnson Annuals, perennials, small fruit plants, custom planters, succulents, and baskets. Omaha, NE

Doc’s Holiday Healthy Farms | Steven Whitla Chicken and duck eggs, full line of pork cuts – all pasture raised, mulberries, aronea berries. Adams, NE

Farm 46 | Nick & Cara Morris Greens, tomatoes, onions, peppers, radish, greens, eggs. Fremont, NE

Farmer John’s | John Kriener Vegetables, jams & jellies, maple syrup. Omaha, NE

Flavor Country Farms | Kevin Novak Gourmet mushrooms, assorted microgreens, mushroom grow kits, mushroom spawn, tomatoes, peppers, beets, radishes, garlic. Honey Creek, Iowa.

Good Taste Farms LLC | Jeff Cassler Tomatoes, peppers, squashes, beets, radishes, beans, zucchini, garlic, dried and fresh herbs. Lyons, NE

Graddy’s | Kay Gradoville Tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh salsa, bruschetta, pesto, basil plants. Carroll, Iowa

Grandview Farm | Gordon Miller Asparagus, vegetables and garden produce, sweet potato, greens, kohlrabi, egg plants. Fremont, Neb.

Harmony Farms LLC | Steve Johnson Chemical-free vegetables, pastured eggs, apples, pears, greens, lamb cuts, whole chicken. Gretna, Neb.

Iowana Farm | Terry Troxel Vine-ripened heritage vegetables, strawberries, watermelon, greens. Crescent, Iowa

Krazy Woman Orchard | Woody Slama Apples, berries, quince, pecans, pears, apricots, peaches, papa, cherries, rhubarb, melons, eggs, fruitwood for barbecuing, and okra. Scribner, NE
Little Mountain Ranch & Garden (NEW!) | Bill Alward & Rebecca Moshman Corn, tomatoes, melons, squashes, onions, beets, radishes, beans, greens, potatoes, peas, mushrooms, pork cuts, beef cuts. Fort Calhoun, Neb.

Maggie’s Farm | Maggie Lempka Fruits and vegetables, greens, bouquets, succulents, herb plants, fairy gardens. Fremont, NE

Mai’s Garden | Mai Thao Peppers, onions, beets, radishes, beans, garlic, bok choy, kale, spinach. Omaha, NE

Maizingly Sweet | Gary Zicafoose Yes, it is! Guaranteed gourmet sweet corn, tomatoes, and garlic. Mead, Neb.

Porter Ridge Farms | Larry Kallemeyn Hanging flower baskets. Ceresco, Neb.

Range West Beef | Luke & Lori Jacobsen Grass fed, grass finished, grain free, hormone & antibiotic free angus beef, jerky, full cuts, bones, tallow. Marquette, NE
Rustic Cuts (NEW!) | Jacob Driver Beef steaks, ground beef. Council Bluffs, Iowa.

School House Gardens | Lisa McCloskey & Ken Christensen Wide selection of vegetables, mixed leafy greens, rhubarb, peaches, melons, pears, apples. Waterloo, Neb.

Shandy’s Bakery | Shandy Loberg Bakery breads. Omaha, NE

Stary Family Farm, LLC (NEW!) | Justin & Melissa Stary Microgreens, strawberries, mulberries, pumpkins, carrots, and a wide variety of vegetables. Kennard, Neb.

Wellensiek Custom Meats | Melissa Wellensiek Individual cuts of beef and lamb, jerky, eggs. Cook, NE

Wenninghoff Farms | Amy Wenninghoff Variety of produce, flower plants. Omaha, NE

Wolff Farms Produce LLC | Duane Wolff Certified organic vegetables, strawberries, raspberries, kale, eggplant, asparagus, melons, grass fed beef, and free range eggs. Norfolk, NE

Xiong’s Garden | Mai Xiong Green onions, cilantro, squash, beets, radishes, basil, dill, baby bok choy, potatoes, sugar snap peas, cucumbers, green beans, garlic. Omaha, NE



Below is a list of Omaha's Village Pointe Farmers Market providers who may be current vendors or have been vendors in the past:

The Rohrbaugh Family
Pawnee Pride Meats
True grass-fed beef, pastured pork, Free range chicken and eggs. Steinauer, Neb.

Wenninghoff Farms
Extensive variety of produce and sweet corn, plants, flowers, honey. Omaha's original farm market.

Maizingly Sweet Corn
Yes, it is! Guaranteed gourmet sweet corn. Mead, Neb.

Porter Ridge Farm
Larry Kallemeyn
Early season starter plants, berries, florals and full season vegetables and produce, including sweet corn.
Ceresco, Neb.

Dakota Harvest Farm
Grass finished, all natural lamb from Dorper hair sheep. Also featuring grass fed beef for 2010.
Jefferson, S.D.

Platte Valley Produce
Melons, sweet corn, garden produce & vegetables.
Yutan, Neb.

Wolff Farms
Garden vegetables, grass finished beef, farm eggs, melons.
Norfolk, Neb.

Grandview Farm
Gordon Miller
Asparagus, vegetables and garden produce.
Fremont, Neb.

Vangmeng Moua
Herbs, vegetables and garden produce.
Griswold, Iowa

Harmony Farms
Steve Johnson
Chemical-free vegetables and flowers. Pastured eggs.
Gretna, Neb.

PB Gardens
Organically grown produce including garden vegetables and sweet corn.
Centralia, Kan.

Dance in the Wind Iris Garden
Hostas, perennials, iris bulbs and cut flowers.
Tekamah, Neb.

Chisholm Family Farms
Andy and Laura Chisholm & Family
Grass fed/finished beef, pastured pork and custom sausages. Grass fed/finished lamb. Raw milk cheeses, standard cheeses, human-grade pet foods and treats. Pastured turkeys, chicken and veal. Farm eggs. Information about raw milk.
Elmwood, Neb.

Secluded Farms
Farm-fresh Tomatoes, Produce, Strawberries, Local Honey.
Kennard, Neb.

Honey Creek Creamery
Sharon Oamek, on the Old Lincoln Highway, Honey Creek, Iowa
Artisan cheeses featuring feta, herbal; goat cheeses.

School House Gardens
Ken & Lisa
School House Gardens
Wide selection of vegetables, herbs, melons, garlic. Exotic European lettuces. Peaches, blueberries, sweet corn and more.
Waterloo, Neb.

Graddy's Tomatoes
Pesticide-free, Hydroponic tomatoes & the planet's best tasting salsa. From Carroll, Iowa

Soup-n-More / 4F Farm
Rebecca and Allen Fleischman Homegrown produce from their 30-acre farm. They also feature dehydrated soup mixes, home-ground cornmeal and flours, gluten-free and Vegan baking mixes.
Tekamah, Neb.

State Street Greenhouse
Flowers, bedding plants.
Valley, Neb.

Daniels Produce
Farm-fresh produce, sweet corn, melons.
Columbus, Neb.

Jisa Farmstead Cheese
David & Bonnie Jisa
Nebraska's locally made cheese. Dozens of varieties!
Brainard, Neb.

Southern Cross Greenhouse
Vegetables, flowers, herbs and bedding plants. Valley, Neb.

Xiong's Garden: May Lor
Garden produce, herbs & vegetables, Asian cabbage & spinach.

Range West Ranch
Grass finished, all natural pastured beef. Steaks, roasts, ribs, ground. Naturally raised pork.
Marquette, Neb.

C & C's Bzzz: Honey
Local, all-natural honey, bee pollen, beeswax. Fabulous honey products. Demo beehive, too!
Columbus, Neb.

Abie Vegetable People
These dedicated young farmers bring organically grown produce featuring gourmet lettuce blends
and garden vegetables.
Abie, Neb.

Mai Thao
Garden produce, herbs & vegetables.

Iowana Farm
Vine-ripened heritage vegetables, greens and tomatoes.
Crescent, Iowa

Freedom Farms
Jerad Ebert
Wide selection of produce including sweet corn. Plus honey, eggs, beef, pork, poultry, lamb and goat meat. All meats USDA processed.
Washta, Iowa

Hunter's Honey
Sweetness from the hive. Local, raw, unfiltered honey and honey products.
Hickman, Neb.


Cottonwood Creek Farms
Natural produce, sweet corn.

Harvest Home Farms
Norm & Jamie Rohda
Produce, cut flowers and bedding plants.
Waverly, Neb.

Victor Novak & Beulahland Farm
Certified all-natural vegetables, Farm-fresh eggs, pastured pork. Lyons, Neb.

Honey Creek Farms
Famous greens, herbs, vegetables, berries, fruit. Honey Creek, Iowa

Thistles and Clover
Lucy and Adam Cameron
Grass-finished beef, free-range eggs, broiler chickens.
Danbury, Iowa

Old Nelly Farms
Kumari Durick and Family. Pesticide-free produce, free range poultry, eggs. Heirloom tomatoes and more.
Crescent, Iowa

Princeton Produce
Sweet corn, farm fresh vegetables, melons, variety of produce.
Princeton, Neb.

Gibbons Greens
Heirloom garden greens, vegetables, dried fruits, herbs & more. Hand-crafted and organically grown. Dundee, Neb.

Guynan Family Farm
Homegrown and farm fresh selected produce. Schuyler, Neb.

Kvam Family Farm
Grass-fed beef, chickens, honey, true free-range eggs, information about raw milk and more.
West Point, Neb.

These vendors and more offer you the best in all-natural, local meats, eggs, produce, herbs and farm fresh items. View our photo gallery page to meet some of them. Better yet, come out on a Saturday morning and talk with them yourself. Know your farmer. Know your food.

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